Portfolio Strategy

We provide a roadmap for investors to understand the staging of the current equity market environment and tools to generate outperformance. We look to identify relevant investment opportunities.

Factor Reports: Industry and Sector Analysis

Our proprietary factor reports provide a graphical analysis of 49 key industries and highlight performance, anomalies, and contrarian opportunities.

Fundamental Sector Analysis

Using comprehensive data since the 1900s, we look at key drivers and relative valuation for the 10 primary sectors as well as selected industries.

SMid Cap Stocks

With a lens to focus on businesses with pricing power or secular opportunities, we seek ideas before the consensus discovers these companies.

Custom and Bespoke Research

We partner with our clients, providing them privileged access to our models and databases, serving as an adjunct portfolio strategy team, providing customized analysis and reports on the market, industries and stocks.

Corporate Access and Conferences

Our clients have the opportunities to attend our macro, microeconomic, and “stock pickers” conferences and events.